How it works

Watch video tutorial

First step

It’s very easy to find a relevant proposal to your business. The proposals you can see on the dashboard are posted by companies in  either Ukraine  of Norway  who  are  interested in  cooperation.  Every proposal  is approved by NUCC administrator. There  are  all  proposals  posted  by  different  business on the dashboard. You can filter out them by either country (Ukraine/Norway), or a general category  you  are  interested  in  (agriculture,  IT,  Energy,  etc.),  or by entering keywords.

Second step

If you didn’t  manage to  find  business you are interested  now – don’t get disappointed. You can leave your own proposal that can be found by your future partner. Go to Post Proposal tab, fill out  information  about  your  business  proposal  and your company and submit for approval.  After  administrator  from  NUCC  reviews your proposal it will be  posted  within 24 hours.

Third step

Now your proposal is posted and can be found by all users of BMMP portal. You will get an email notification from the system as a reply to your business proposal.

Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Since there is no need to sing up for this portal, the option of editing a proposal is unable. You can request changes by contacting Administrator in Contact Us tab or create one more proposal if it differs from the previous one.

You can choose only one category among a few general (ICT, Agriculture, Trade, etc.) which is the most relevant to your business. When you create a title of your proposal you can provide a more specific message on it. E.g. your company is interested in exporting tomato paste, so you choose category Agriculture and put “Export of tomato paste”.

There are some automatic email notifications from BMMP that don’t need a reply, for example when Administrator posts your proposal online.
But you can also get an email as a reply to your business proposal. This one is the most important and you should not miss it and are encouraged to reply as soon as possible. The email of a sender will be indicated there.