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Haugen Gardsmat Drift AS

Haugen Gardsmat Drift is a meat production company located along the fjord in Flåm, Norway. We use only natural ingredients and put no artificial additives in our products. We are small company, with mostly family employees; yet we produce high quality products sold throughout Norway to private customers, restaurants, hotels and grocery chains. Our customer diversity ranges from people attending a farmer’s market to the best chefs from of some the finest restaurants in Norway.

Our production line includes: high quality butchered fresh meat; smoked and cured meats; minced meat products, such as meatballs and hamburgers; and ready-made foods, such as soups, stews and mashes.

Job title

Meat Production, line worker (meat cutter, industrial cooking) / Працівник м'ясного виробництва

Job summary

🇺🇦 Haugen Gardsmat Drift шукає людину з досвідом у виробництві м’яса. Виробничий працівник буде нести відповідальність за всі області виробничої лінії, включаючи контроль запасів, розрізання м'яса, приготування їжі, сушіння та копчення м'яса та логістику.

Haugen Gardsmat Drift — це сімейна компанія, що займається виробництвом м’яса, розташована вздовж фйорду у Фломі, Норвегія. Потрібне знання англійської або норвезької, а також дійсні водійські права та мінімум п’ять років досвіду роботи в цій сфері.
🇺🇸 We seek a full-time, experienced Meat Production Worker, with experience and skills as a meat cutter and industrial food production.

The Production Worker will have responsibilities for all areas of the production line.

This role includes:
Working with varying steps for all product lines
Inventory Control
Butchering/Meat Cutting (animal breakdown and deboning; grinding, processing)
Cooking / Drying / Smoking of meats
Transport planning/logistics for distribution of products
Overseeing and helping as needed with packaging
Receiving / Unloading
Loading and Transport, as needed
Cleaning / Upkeep of workspace and equipment
Ensuring the proper storage, use, care, and maintenance of machinery


Experience (5+ years) as either meat production worker or as an industrial chef is necessary
Formal training in one or more relevant work fields is preferred, but not required
Organizational skills are important
Legally authorized to work in Norway
Legally authorized to drive in Norway
Must speak and write in either Norwegian and/or English.
Knife skills
Basic computer (word, excel, outlook) and math skills
Able to meet the physical demands of manual and traditional meat production (including lifting an carrying heavy loads)
Able to communicate effectively with coworkers and customers

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