• Stein Høiem
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  • IT & Telecoms
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  • Oslo
  • English - fluent,
    Norwegian - basic
  • 8 months ago

Impleo AS

Impleo is a small development company with a strong focus within the graphical industry. We have customers across Scandinavia ranging from smaller printshops to large corporations and governmental organizations.

Our off-the-shelf solution is a marketing portal and webshop for all brand-related materials, ranging from dynamic printed/manufactured/digital products to static stock controlled products.

Job title

Frontend / full-stack developer

Job summary

🇺🇦 Impleo шукає розробника інтерфейсу або full-stack, бажано з досвідом роботи з .NET Framework. Impleo — це невелика ІТ-компанія, яка зосереджена на графічній галузі. Обов'язкове знання англійської мови.

🇺🇸 We are searching for a frontend and/or fullstack developer with preferably experience with the .NET Framework.
Experience with consuming restAPIs and presenting and managing/manipulating data across devices (desktop/mobile).

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