• Volodymyr Vavrykovych
  • Ukraine, Lviv
  • +380967496044
  • Professional Services
  • Category type: Sell
  • 3 years ago
  • 5-50 employees


  • Professional Services

ELITEX is a custom software development company with strong expertise in Javascript ( Node.JS, Angular, React) and building dedicated development teams. Incorporated in the UK with the development center in Ukraine.

ELITEX is not just another outsourcing provider. While thinking about the business, we still believe in a better world. We build a relationship with our clients and partners based on a truth and honesty. We will not try to sell you our services if we feel like they are useless for you. We will try to help you only where and when you really need it. And our happy customers prove that!


Custom software development with Javascript. Building managed dedicated teams for Norwegian businesses and startups.

Proposal summary

Due to our rich and successful experience, we can provide you with a dedicated development team, including PM, QA, and different level software developers or just one highly-skilled expert in some very specific technology.

Technical expertise:

- Javascript / NodeJS stack
- Frontend / UI
- Python, Java, C++ and .NET
- Databases, APIs, platforms, etc.

We have worked with various companies, middle-size businesses and startups, therefore we have an understanding of different management systems.

Our customers are in telecom, media and publishing, cybersecurity, labeling, hotel management, education, fin-tech, and other industries.

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