• Taras Korpaniuk
  • Ukraine, Kosiv
  • +380987722977
  • Organization number: 211100000000009468
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  • Category type: Sell
  • 2 years ago
  • 5-50 employees


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We’re (Gushka) a young brand of woolen home textiles. We’re based out of Carpathian Mountains (Ukraine), and hand-craft woolen rugs & carpets, bedspreads & blankets using our unique technique of weaving which has been told and used for more than 100 years by the local ethnic group of people called Hutsuls. Each of the products is handmade on home weaving-machines, washed out in the Carpathian rivers and dried on the soft mountain air. Thus, Gushka’s rugs and carpets have a unique wool structure and maintain its appearance in the longer term. They’re super cozy, warm, and soft-to-the-touch. Please find more detailed information about the production process and everything else on our social media pages through our site (Facebook; Instagram).


Traditional Sustainable Wool Rugs For Beautiful Norwegian Homes. From Ukraine With Love.

Proposal summary

We'd like to build a new bridge between the Norwegian and Ukrainian markets. We'd like to find the retailers that may empathize with our product and values. I'm sure we can set up great communication and figure out the best way to help each other.

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