• Liliya
  • Ukraine, Lviv
  • +380631274891
  • ICT, iOS development, Android development, Blockchain, Javascript, Front-end, UI/UX, Design
  • Category type: Sell
  • 3 years ago
  • 5-50 employees


  • ICT
  • iOS development
  • Android development
  • Blockchain
  • Javascript
  • Front-end
  • UI/UX
  • Design

As a software development service and solution provider, HebronSoft helps clients to transform your business digitally and run more efficiently, resulting in reduced costs and increased profits


Software development service and solutions provider

Proposal summary

HebronSoft is a software development service and solutions provider.
The company was founded on March 15, 2018.
HebronSoft is an IT company based in Lviv, Ukraine. Hebron began as an IT Academy, before establishing HebronSoft as a software company.
HebronSoft donates 20% of its revenue to Hebron Academy.
HebronSoft’s expertise is in:
- Software Product Development: prototyping, PoC, MVP, product life cycle.
- Mobile Development: iOS, Android, Cross-platform Development
- User Experience/User Interface Design
- Blockchain: hyperledger fabric development
- Embedded Programming and IoT: Analog and Digital Schematic, Linux Kernel, Networking, VoIP

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