• Kateryna Kandalova
  • Ukraine, Kuiv
  • +380633485548
  • Trade
  • Category type: Sell
  • 2 years ago
  • 5-50 employees


  • Trade

We are a Ukrainian manufacturer that offers high-class staircases and turkey solutions for houses and office buildings.


High-class staircases and turkey solutions for houses and office buildings

Proposal summary

We offer staircases made with high-quality materials, such as glass, wood, metal. We already have experience in a Scandinavian market and would love to cooperate. We have all the necessary certifications and offer 20 years warranty on all our constructions. Four stairs' models:
Itza'n https://roundme.com/tour/257465/view/766524
Varanasi https://roundme.com/tour/257498/view/766619/
Spanish https://roundme.com/tour/257958/view/768936/
Potemkin https://roundme.com/tour/261874/view/787773/
We can extend our capacities to 200-250 staircases per year.

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