• Viktor Kubatskyi
  • Ukraine, Ternopil
  • +380962299290
  • Production
  • Category type: Other
  • 3 years ago
  • 5-50 employees


  • Production

The KVOTA Company is a manufacturer of technological rigging, distributor of standardized components for molds and dies, and designer of molds with traditional and hot runner systems.

KVOTA Company is working on the market of Plastics production already for 28 years. During all these years, we have gained great expertise in injection molding, profound knowledge of the customers’ requirements, and experience in cooperation with international partners. Among the last mentioned companies from Poland, France, Germany, USA etc.

Having such experience, production capacities and high professional human capital we would like to find partners in Norway, who are eager to launch manufacturing of the plastic parts in Ukraine in order to further export to the European market


Plastic injection molding, design mechanical tooling (3D and Drawings), production of finished plastic details (products)

Proposal summary

We are an experts in plastic injection molding. We provide services of manufacturing technological rigging, designing molds with traditional and hot runner systems and injection molding.

We offer: design (3D and Drawings) mechanical tooling for companies in Norway and production of finished plastic details (products) to be distributed/sold both in Ukraine and Europe.

KVOTA is close located to Polish border; has highly qualified professionals; possesses 2 ha of land for building new production facilities and for producing finished plastic details (products).

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