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We is the company in Europe that
started its own automatized production of organic reed
straws; we use a fully ecological production cycle.
The place of collection of reeds is an ecologically clean
protected area.
All of our straws are strict with processing by Steaming
and Disinfection with Ozone.
Our product can be recycled into compost, or green
energy, or other product such as mulching


We present the organic reed straw made for drinks, to completely replace plastic straws.

Proposal summary

We present the organic reed straw made for drinks, to completely replace plastic straws.
The first good news is from the 1st of October 2020 a full ban on the single-use plastic in the U.K. has begun.
The second good news it is will start in the E.U. 1st of January 2021.
We created an organic straw from reed, it is the best quality product for hospitality industries.
We can apply your logo, other symbolic or even good wishes to your guests, using laser technologies.
Our organic straw is produced, used and gets composted without dealing any harm to the environment. It means that the lifecycle of our organic straws is 100% safe for the environment.
First of all, we obtain material from renewable sources. More importantly, we assemble our materials in environmentally clean areas in reservations: Hydrological Reserve "Orzhytskyi", "Onishkivskyi" and “Zahat” in Ukraine.
We are following a circular economy, which means, our organic straws can be recycled into compost or green energy or other products as well as used in the mulching.
In the process of production of our organic straws uses exclusively environmentally safe liquids, materials and processes.

We’re looking forward to with any questions!

Andrii Sukhoriabov
Green Straws
Viber +380677397425
Made by nature. Made in Ukraine!

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