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  • Production
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The plant of polyurethane products “Timol” is a modern industrial enterprise in the city of Dnipro.
Our company has been working with such type of raw material as polyurethane for many years. During this time, we checked through all the properties of the material, tried various formulations and manufacturing techniques.


Supply of polyurethane products for using in agriculture

Proposal summary

We produce parts and components that are not afraid of heavy loads, temperature drops and chemical exposure. In addition, the material does not have a nutrient medium for the emergence of microbes and other harmful microorganisms. We offer you polyurethane products and polyurethane itself with the most profitable price in Ukraine.

Polyurethane is widely used in agricalture and other industries. We produce loading sleeves and other parts of elevator conveyors, noise suppressors and sieves, components for agricultural equipment. Also polyurethane sheets are used for lining of agricultural equipment, which significantly increases the duration of their active operation.

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