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  • ICT
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We have already delivered 431 Enterprise Applications and 132 Projects for our clients worldwide. offers digital transformation solutions in Retail, IoT and Telecommunications. Our team of 100+ experts is here to support your business in COVID-19 times.

Proposal solutions is a software company with a proven 15 years of experience in digital transformation for the Telecommunications, IoT, and Retail industries. To deliver digital products and services 2x faster, we use fast-code platform.
Whether you are delivering a corporate startup to boost innovations or launching new digital services and digital products for new or existing customers, time is one of the most precious assets you have. fast-code platform empowers you with an open-source software platform with enterprise-level support to build those solutions you need in weeks, not months. Reduce time to market and convert your ideas into commercially valuable products 57% faster than competitors do!

Proposal summary offers both digital solution shop of the best and proven solutions for IoT, Retail and Telco, and a fast-code platform to implement those your business is struggling with on the digital transformation journey.
We start from the full 360° digital transformation audit to discover and descrive what is happening now inside your IT infrastructure and how effectively it works. We create a plan on how it should be to drive innovations, business results, customer and employee experience to increase operational efficiency and performance.
We believe in a world where ideas could be transformed into commercially valuable products really fast. We offer 15 years of experience and digital solutions’ builder with an open-source heart to decrease your development cost up to 57%.

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